The Regional Tourism Center in Junik is a typical kulla, transformed into a suitable space for meetings and events.

Ground floor can accommodate up to 25 persons per class, seminar, board room, reception and banquet arrangements. Special additional space on the third floor, known as the Guest Room can accommodate other 20 people. The kulla is located in the yard of 1600 m2 and offers the perfect opportunity for relaxing activities. This product includes facilities, equipment and catering.

Kulla e Isufaj Qendra Regjionale e Turizmit
Address Junik
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Designed to provide unparalleled fun, meaningful connection, and opportunities for bonding through shared experiences. This is what amazing memories are made of.
The tours will offer you an insight about the extraordinary living heritage still survived behind the stone walls of so Kulla, a vernacular type of residential building.
Tours also offer a unique spiritual experience at World Heritage Site of Decan Monastery as well as mosques and tekkes located in this region. All this is situated in a spectacular landscape, making your trip to be for memory.

Meeting Rooms

The Regional Tourism Center incorporates the heritage feeling and the modern technology. Its meeting room amenities include:

  1. Drapery for enhanced data projection
  2. Hard surface meeting room tables
  3. Adjustable lighting
  4. Ceiling mounted high lumen data projectors


Hosting your meeting, event or conference at Center is a great decision! Our team of dedicated professionals is looking forward to working with you to make your event a great success. Your catering needs are an important element of that success.

We are very proud to work with our catering partners Qershiza NGO (local women NGO) to ensure that every detail is taken care of and your delegates not only have a productive meeting but also remember the delicious food and beverage enjoyed throughout their experience in Junik.

View or download our current full catering menus below but keep in mind, this is just an example of what we can do! We are able to tailor our catering services to suit your needs. To speak to our of our experts regarding catering, please contact us, email or call +37745559922


Persons Conference Room Equipment Catering Rate
10 persons yes yes yes 200 Euro
11-15 persons yes yes yes 15 Euro/1 person
16-20 persons yes yes yes 14 Euro/1 Person
21-30 persons yes yes yes 12 Euro/1 Person
> 30 persons yes yes yes 11 Euro/1 Person
10 persons yes yes no 60 Euro/Day
11-25 persons yes yes no 100 Euro/Day
> 25 persons yes yes no 120 Euro /Day